Better Infos

Welcome to a site about Better Infos

There are many great advantages to seeking the very best infos. This is how you discover how you can *easily* be slim (without getting conned by money grubbers), how to be happier and more effective in your personal and social life, and how to be more savvy regarding our crooked politicians and their mainstream media hacks.

None of the solutions presented on this site cost you money, and none of them make me money. The reason why I bother spending my time and money is simple: symbiosis. I feel happy sharing the most helpful information, and I know that I will be better off down the line if the world we live in is a little bit less poor, desperate, miserable and resentful than before :)

That being said, I have not been updating this site in quite a while (over a year), as lately I've been thinking I can reach more people by making videos on my YouTube channel.

I also recently (2013) programmed and released an open-source software solution to help people make more informed decisions during elections, and to help candidates speak directly to the electorate without passing through the lens of journalism. The project is called CandidCompare and it is being used for the municipal elections in Lac Brome, Quebec.

That simple CandidCompare site is available as open-source, so if you wish to copy it and modify it, please let me know and I will be happy to send you the source code. Alternately, I can probably host another instance on my website for your local elections if you wish, bandwidth permitting.