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The #1 thing to be aware of, regarding nutrition: taken the wrong way, sugar is much more fattening than fat.

For example, when your blood sugar is too high, your body starts turning all that sugar to fat; cells in general burn sugar instead of fat; and fat cells take that newly synthesized fat, as well as other fats from your meal present in the blood, and put that into storage ASAP.

But that is only the first part of the problem presented by high blood sugar: the machinery that controls this (insulin + etc.) is fairly slow to adapt, so at the tail end of your meal, once all that sugar is digested and gone, you still have insulin present, and your body continues to consume/convert sugar and store fat for some time. As a result, your blood sugars will soon fall below the comfort zone, and you will be hungry! So what do people do? They have another snack or meal made up of fast sugar, have another spike and crash, and then have yet another feeling of intense hunger - not because they need the calories in general, but because they are eating the wrong calories.

In other words: eat fast sugars (such as fruit juice or junk food) and you will not only have put on fat - you will also be hungry minutes after your meal, even though you will have eaten a considerable amount of calories.

The movie covers this and quite a bit more, including the psychological tricks you can use to make changes to your tastes such that you will soon be hungry for a different type of food, which is the key to making it easy: don't be constantly depriving yourself (as inevitably you must, if your diet is a sweet one) - instead, change your tastes so that you desire the foods that will feed you well, and then, evidently, being slim will happen all by itself.

Confused by any of the previous text? I kind of agree, and that's why it's presented in video format, as it really makes a lot more sense with the visual aids and audio / real-time treatment.

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