Your content must be visible to search engines before appear in search results. It’s the key component of your SEO Strategy. Due to this, It’s essential to know how does a search engine will help you in improving your website’s visibility.

Search, Index, and Rank content are the three basic strategies that Search Engines uses to build your presence on search engine.

In this blog, We’ll Discuss the following topics in detail.

What Does a Search Engine Actually do?

A Search Engine is a software that enables users to search information they’re looking for online. Search engine frequently monitor the Internet and index every page they come across. Therefore, they are able to provide results quickly even with millions of pages available on them.

It allows users to search queries online using the World Wide Web (WWW).

The search engine uses its algorithms to review the page names, contents, and keywords it has indexed when a person enters a query in the search section. This makes it easier to create a list of websites that are relevant, with the best ones showing up first.

Companies use Search engine optimization (SEO) to make their websites seem to search engines like Google as being very relevant to particular searches.

example of search engine


Google :- A Search Engine

How does Search Engine Works Step by Step

There are three major tasks that are carried out by search engines to operate. These are given below:

      1. Crawling :- It is the process of searching the Internet for content during crawling, and its goal is to check the URL and contents of the blog post that crawler meets.
      2. Indexing :- This process Arranges and store the information gathered during the crawling process. Once a page is indexed, it has a chance of being showed as a response to relevant searches.
      3. Ranking :- In order to deliver the content that will successfully satisfy a searcher’s query, the contents of different websites are ranked from most relevant to least relevant.


    How Crawling works in a Search Engine?

        • Crawling is a technique used by search engines to send out a number of bots, known as crawlers or spiders. Their purpose is to find material such as web pages, photos, and Videos.

          • It doesn’t matter what format the content is in – a webpage, an image, a video, a PDF, etc. They all can be indexed for a particular search query.

            • Each search engine uses computer programs to make their way through the pages. The bots move from one page to another by following links to other pages.

              • These bots never stop. Their sole purpose is to visit and revisit pages, looking for new links  and new content to include in the index.

            Image Showing the Various Tasks Performed By Search Engine.

            how does a search engine will help you


            Image by BetterInfos showing how search engines Crawl, Index and Rank the pages step by step.

            What is Indexing in a Search Engine?

                • The index is a Massive Collection of all the web sites and content that the bots have discovered.

                  • The search engine uses this index as a source of information displayed on the search results pages.

                    • Not all of the content a search engine bot finds is included in its index.

                      • Search engines may discover many copies of the same piece of content on various websites. It’s normal that every page will not be added because there’s no need for hundreds of duplicates.

                    What is Page Ranking in SEO?

                        • After a person type in a query in search section. The search engine compares the keywords or  keyphrase to its index and looks for relevant results to display on search engine result page.

                          • There can be hundred of millions of matching results. So, In order to find the most relevant result page ranking is use.

                            • The quantity and quality of links pointing to the page determine its position at the search engine result page.

                              • There can be hundreds of ways search engines determine rank ,Including things like words on the page, the number of other websites linking to it and the freshness of the content.

                                • There are many SEO tools to provide a PageRank estimation. For example
                                      • URL Rating in Ahrefs.

                                      • Trustflow in Majestic.

                                      • Page Authority in Moz.

                                For a Detailed Explanation of How does Search Engine Works, Please watch the above video by Digital Garage.

                                How are Search Engine Results Listed?

                                A search engine’s job is to use ranking algorithms to sort the hundreds or millions of relevant web pages that may be generated from a search query. These algorithms are based on specific factors and are created to give the user the best answers to their queries.

                                factors affecting search engine ranking

                                Search engines use a number of factors to rank results based on what they believe you’ll be interested in. These include many factors, some of which include:

                                    • Page content :- Search engines analyze the scope, length, and complexity of web pages to determine which content is more important.

                                      • Page speed :- It is the aim of search engine to boost the user experience, fast page loading is a major benefit in your effort to conquer the page ranking.

                                        • Keywords research :-  Your keywords should match at least some of the words in search query. Search engines prefer websites with keywords that are prominently displayed, such as in the page title or throughout the entire page.
                                              • As a beginner you should prefer keywords with low competition and high traffic or more search volume.

                                            • Backlinks :- Links leading back to a page on your website from other websites. backlinks reflect traffic coming from another website to your own.

                                              • Optimized content :- The content should have proper meta title and meta description. Their should be proper images and videos after every 200-300 words.

                                            Types of Search Engines

                                            Other than Google and Bing, there are many other types of search engines.

                                                • Mainstream search engines :- Common and accepted search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are all supported by online advertising and are all free to use. To allow you to search over internet, they all employ various versions of the same process (crawling, indexing, and ranking).

                                                  • Private search engines :- Private search engines have been more popular recently as a result of worries about privacy caused by major search engines to obtain data. These include private search engines like Neeva , DuckDuckGo and many more.

                                                    • Vertical search engines :- Vertical search, also known as focused search, allows you to focus your search on a particular topic area rather than the entire web’s contents. Examples of vertical search engines include:


                                                          • The search bar on shopping sites like Amazon.

                                                          • Google Scholar offers a quick and easy approach to find scholarly literature in particular.

                                                        • Computational search engines:- this type of search engine returns a fixed set of answers to questions, Rather than displaying a large number of articles containing the keywords. Examples is


                                                              • WolframAlpha – It focus on providing answers to math and science-related problems.

                                                        To Answer your questions, Search Engines are continuously working to research the web for content, arrange it, and then show users the most appropriate results.

                                                        Knowing how this process is functioning can be very helpful to your company to rank higher in those key search results.

                                                        Wrapping Up

                                                        You need to understand how does search engines works if you want to become an SEO expert. let’s quickly review what we’ve learned so far. Google will be used as a reference here.


                                                            • Google rates our blog posts in three main steps: crawling, indexing, and ranking.

                                                            • The Google crawler visits the pages and blog posts on our website to collect data.

                                                            • Google indexes the pages once the crawler collects the data so that they appear for relevant queries.

                                                            • There are now millions of search results, but the ones that best meet the needs of the customers are listed at the top.

                                                            • Google gives a ranking to each article based on a number of factors, including the article’s quality, relevancy, and size.

                                                          If you Directly perform SEO on a website’s content without understanding why you are doing it, it will be useless. In order to improve your ranking journey, read the above carefully.

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