Let’s begin with a brief explanation of What is Digital marketing before learning How does Digital Marketing Works.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing used to advertise and sell goods or services online. It is the process of using various marketing channels such as email, social media networks, and search engines to connect with your target audience.

Usually, it refers to advertising campaigns that show up on a computer, phone, tablet or other electronic device. There are many formats such as YouTube video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media posts.

According to a study by Oberlo, More than 65.6% of people worldwide, or more than six out of every ten, have access to the internet. Presently, 4.28 billion distinct mobile internet users—or about 54.6% of the World’s population—uses the internet.

Looking at such statistics, We get to know that a firm must be online. Digital marketing offers many more benefits than traditional marketing, which Involves advertising or promoting through magazine ads, billboards, direct mail, and television advertisements.

Concepts of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is more than one subject that has many components.This include various concepts of digital marketing such as Search Engine optimization, Content marketing and Google ads etc. Below are the major concepts of Digital Marketing.  

concepts of digital marketing

1) Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing the content and other elements of your website. It helps your web pages to appear at the top of a search engine. Because of SEO we can drive visitors to our site which are searching for relevant products.

Today, the most important elements to consider when optimizing a web page include:

      1. Quality of content

      1. Level of user engagement

      1. Mobile-friendliness

      1. Number and quality of inbound links

    2) Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is a strategy that uses good-quality and relevant content, Moreover it gives information about your brand to target audience.

    Contents can be produced in several forms such as blogs, videos and also images etc. As a result you share with your audience which serve as a resource for them to take action and ultimately become customers. It aimed at generating leads for your company.

    3) Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing means connecting with peoples, who share your business ideals. Popular types of social media marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
    It’s a very important strategy for the purpose of promoting items, brands or services through social media channels.

    4) PPC Marketing

    Pay per click, is when a company posts an ad on a platform and pays each time someone clicks on it. In addition to make your campaign work for you, you can bid against others to have your ad appear first in search results page.

    Comparatively each PPC campaign has one or more target actions that visitors have to accomplish after clicking an ad. These actions may include a purchase, signing up to get a newsletter or calling your office.

    5) Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which companies reach out to third party to advertise their products or services. These are also known as referrals. Eventually the target audience of the affiliate website becomes important in this aspect of digital marketing. Some of the ways that affiliates are incentivized are based on

        1. Registrations

        1. Email sign-ups

        1. Sales and Subscriptions

      How Does Digital Marketing Works in Simple Language

      Digital Marketing enables businesses to expand their audiences as far as their budget will allow. On the other hand, Internet marketing gives businesses the option to concentrate only on marketing to the appropriate audience. In other words, a business can reach its ideal target audience Locally, Nationally, or even Internationally while remaining within its budget.

      In order to learn How Does Digital Marketing Works consider these

      Let’s say, we want to promote our online business and find customers to buy our products. Then I will launch a Online marketing campaign. We know our target audience and using digital marketing is the best method to reach them. Given that we have no idea where to begin.

      So, After brief study of Digital marketing We will follow these steps:-

          • We need to start by building a website to promote our business, its products and services. It doesn’t need to be flashy, but it should be quick, responsive, simple, and provide consumers with a wonderful experience. This is the main goal of website marketing. The centerpiece of every digital marketing campaign is a website.

            • The next thing is to start considering content. The audience’s attention and interest in our brand can be peaked with the help of contents. This content includes blog posts, videos, photos, and podcasts. This is the main goal of content marketing. Through a well-planned content marketing strategy, we can identify our audience’s problems. Further we can create valuable and relevant content to satisfy their needs.

              • We must deal with search engine optimization as our next assignment. Our website will be capable of reaching the billions of users over internet every day by ranking better in the search results . We will use different SEO techniques to convince ranking algorithms that our website deserves to be in the top positions. SEO is the best form of online marketing that can get you highly targeted traffic 24/7 without paying for it BUT it takes time to work.

                • Social media marketing is next on our to-do list. We need to be present where our target audience gathers, which is none other than social media. Numerous individuals on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be driven to our brand. We can target users of these platforms with picture and video ads by categorizing them based on their location, interests, and demographics.

                  • Now that we can interact with our customers. For this objective, email marketing is the most effective medium. The most popular form of communication and a very powerful sales channel is email. We may engage our audience and nurture them with properly produced email newsletters until they become new clients.

                All this above mentioned steps helps us to run a successful Digital Marketing campaign.

                4 Rewarding Benefits of Digital Marketing

                benefits of digital marketing

                Digital marketing has gained popularity, because it has such a Big Audience. It is surely providing a very High Return on Investment. 

                This is the reason many businesses are Incorporating Digital marketing techniques in their marketing campaign.

                Additionally it also has a number of benefits. Few of the benefits are given below :-

                1) More Audience

                It provides wide reach, because everyone may view an advertisement you place online, regardless of where they are. Hence, expanding the market reach of your company is simple. It allows you to target Global audience.

                Like even if you are working from India. you may have clients and prospects from the USA. This allows you to promote your services and products to large audience. All you have to do is to nurture your audience with the Right Information.

                2) Low Cost

                Digital marketing not only reaches a broader audience than traditional marketing but also carries a lower cost. Costs for newspaper ads, television spots can be high. They also give you less control over whether your target audiences will see those Messages. With Digital marketing, you can create content that draws visitors to your blog. You can also create an email marketing campaign that delivers messages to targeted customers. It’s easy to change that schedule or the content if you need to do so.

                3) Calculable Results

                Monitoring results is easy with Digital Marketing. The quantity of desired conversions, such as email open rates, home page views, or direct transactions, is automatically tracked by digital marketing Software.

                You can also do analysis of your website or blog by using Google Analytics. It helps you know your Organic traffic and sources from which it is coming and Many features that we will cover in further Blog Post.

                4) Good Personalization

                You can collect client data with Digital marketing in a way that is not possible with traditional marketing. Digital data is frequently far more precise and detailed.

                You can engage more with your visitors using the data they provide like emails. It helps you convert them into your customers by nurturing them using Email Marketing techniques.


                So far we have learn in this blog about what is Digital Marketing, how does Digital Marketing Works as well as the Different concepts of Digital Marketing Works.

                Depending on your Business category, Target audience, Business goals, and size, you can launch a Digital marketing campaign. Your will be able to attract the Target customers, raise awareness of it, and turn them into potential customers by using the proper digital marketing strategy.


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