You’ve made the decision to launch a new business, and you’ve thought of the Ideal name. Ultimately, you find the domain you’re looking for is already owned by someone else. In addition, a website without a domain name is like having a house in the middle of nowhere, so a proper domain name is essential. Nobody will be able to Locate it.

So, What would you do? How to buy domain name from someone? Will you give up and change the name of your business or do you find out how to buy domain name from someone and get yourself a already taken Domain name.

You’re in the right place if you select 2nd option. This post will discuss 5 tested methods for purchasing a registered domain name.

But first, a quick discussion on the foundations of domain name registration. that you must think about before purchasing an existing domain name.

The Fundamentals of Purchasing a Taken Domain Name

already registered domain name

As soon as you come up with a domain name, check to see if it is available. If not, you may consider purchasing the same domain but with a different domain extension, such as .org rather than .com.

This is a bad idea since users will generally type in .com instead of your correct domain extension and your website won’t be seen.

Decide What you want to buy—a domain name alone or an existing website. Purchasing a website allows you to start a profitable business quickly. However, buying a website will actually cost more than buying only a Domain Name.

There are two main ways to buy a pre-owned domain name:

1) Making contact with the domain owner directly and making an offer.

If the domain name already has a website, try finding the domain owner details in the contact us section of the website.

Instead, you can use Whois Domain Tool  to do a search. From the domain information there, you might obtain the owner’s contact information.

2) Research on domain marketplaces.

Using online domain marketplaces to search for the name is the safest option. Many domain name owners go to this location to sell their domains. To check if the domain is available for sale, try various domain marketplaces like sedo and flippa.

buy pre registered domain name

Now Let’s look at the tips for safe purchase of your Domain name.

1) Verify the Purpose of the Domain’s Present Use

Check if a website has already been built on a desired domain before purchasing it. Is the author consistently publishing new content? If the answer is yes, the domain’s owner might not be willing to sell it. Your chances of getting the domain may be strong if the website hasn’t been updated since a while, but there’s a chance the owner won’t sell.

This is due to the fact that website maintenance, content posting, and SEO can all be automated, and when a website becomes popular, a lot of money may be made than selling it.

If a domain investor owns the domain. He often buys and resells domains, you can purchase the domain with great security and for a reasonable price from him.

If the domain has a history of abusive, spam, or unethical activities, stay away from it.

2) Find the Domain’s Owner and its Worth

The next step is to find who is the domain’s owner.  To find out who owns a domain, you should think about using the WHOIS service. The following data is provided by this tool:

  1. When was the domain registered?
  2. How can I contact the owner?
  3. When does the present ownership expire?

However, the owner’s email address is really what you need in order to purchase that domain.

A WHOIS search don’t always reveal the identities of some domain owners because they have paid privacy protection. In this case, buying the domain will be challenging. you have to find it on a marketplace like Sedo or Flippa.

Domain name pricing is hard. identify the domain’s true value. There are domain names available for up to $15,000 dollars. Some of the premium domain names are sold for millions of dollars.

3) Set your Budget Value and your Offerings

Determine your budget before contacting the owner. Searching through a domain marketplace like Flippa’s will give you an idea of prices.

Before setting your budget consider the following:

  1. Keywords – domains with well-known keywords are more valuable because they can rank higher in search engines.
  2. Generic value – A domain like, which can be used by any company in the given industry, it has a lot of value.
  3. Age – Older domains are generally more valuable.
  4. Length –The shorter the domain, the more it’s value.

Choose your base price and your maximum price before making contact with the domain’s owner.

Find domains that are similar to the one you want by visiting Flippa or the other marketplace. Check out the pricing on them. Don’t make your first offer the highest you’re willing to pay. Instead, start with a smaller offer assuming that you’ll probably end up purchasing half the price you decided.

4) Contact the Owner through Online Marketplaces

If you don’t want to deal with the domain owner directly, you can use an online marketplace where a broker will do the discussion and negotiating for you.

how to buy domain name from someone

Broker acting as a mediator between buyer and seller in Closing the Deals

list of well-known domain name marketplaces and services.

Although these services have a cost, but you will safely obtain your new domain name.

Avoid using online payments if you are directly purchasing a domain from the owner. Instead, transfer your money safely by using a website like Escrow. With the help of escrow, you can deposit the funds so that the domain owner knows you are going to pay and then complete the deal once you have the domain.

5) Purchase the Domain Name on Backorder

Sometimes, the domain’s owner forgets to re-register the domain name.

Backordering involves keeping a watch on when the ownership of a domain will expire so you can buy it at that time.

However, it can be difficult to remember a domain’s expiration date by yourself, therefore you should use a backordering service. There are many services available that will keep an eye on the domain name on your behalf. when it becomes available, they’ll automatically try to register it.

These backordering services are worth considering:

backordering service by Godaddy.

The domain you want may still not be available, even if you use a backordering service. Because hosting services extend the expiration date, so that owners get some extra time to pay the renewal.


The process of purchasing a domain name that is already registered can take a few days to a few months. It may even take years to convince the owner to sell if they don’t want to.

Let’s reduce this comprehensive guide into a few points that you may find helpful before purchasing a domain.

  • You can estimate the worth of your domain by comparing the cost of domain names with similar domains available on the market.
  • Before purchasing your domain name, find out if Google has ever banned it.
  • See if the domain name you want to purchase is available with a different extension. Perhaps you will buy it for lower price.

You can also utilize a domain name generator like Nameboy to provide better solutions.

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