One & Only reason to be in Affiliate marketing is for the great amount of money which comes through this industry. There are others way also to earn money (Passive way to Earn Money). Companies only want to make more money and sales and for this they can pay any money to its marketers and this type of marketing didn’t give you stress at all.

So let’s get started…

Affiliate Marketing – What & Why?

Affiliate stands for connecting an organization to a larger organization.

That link which is unique in itself & created by affiliate network for its marketers is called Affiliate link. And this whole process is known as Affiliate Marketing. The motive behind this is to get clicks on that unique link and eventually the affiliate marketer would earn a commission on that.

Successful Digital Marketing Should Never be Costly

As we all know, Persistence will lead to you success definitely. Many people think that they can make money in one day by promoting affiliate products. IT IS NOT TRUE. Time grabs the attention and brings products to reach of your audience. You have to understand that there is a real person on the screen who his searching for a good quality product or a service, and this is your duty to provide him a great product which you should use at that time (in customer’s situation).

Many people creates their own Landing page and Blogs which is so much good to use for Affiliate Career. You’ll definitely gain free organic traffic through this.

When you get Traffic on you website you can start to promote the products and services under your website niche.

Ways to get unlimited traffic to any affiliate link

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

No one can with experience in content writing can write an article on free traffic without talking about the SEO-Search Engine Optimization. If you really want to get traffic then focus on optimization of whole website (Domain authority) and Individual page as well (page authority).

Create a Blog

When we talk about blogging it will relate all the parameters of earning digitally. Affiliate marketing, selling your own products or services, courses and much more you can do digitally. Just make you blog fully SEO optimized and see the results. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger will help you to create blogging site easily. There are many ways to earn through blogging (Make money through Blogging).

Take YouTube in Use

No one can with experience in content writing can write an article on free traffic without talking about the SEO-Search Engine Optimization. If you really want to get traffic then focus on optimization of whole website (Domain authority) and Individual page as well (page authority).

Pinterest – Best Platform To Share Image Affiliate Content

World’s best Video-Sharing platform YouTube. YouTube is an outstanding way to promote the affiliate links, in video, description just mention all the products or services affiliate link that you used in that video or products link that you done review.

Guest Posts – Unity

Connecting with people in reality or digitally is necessary. So write a quality content in your niche’s creator’s website is the excellent task you can perform to get traffic. It is free as well as it helps the both content creators to get new audience.

If I am collaborating with you then yes, eventually you and I’ll get new audience to show my content and affiliate products to them.

So, How to start guest posting?

    • Research blogs in your field or niche that post good quality content.
    • Email those creators to know if they accept guest post or not
    • Just wait until they reply and ping them when they replied
    • If those content creators approved you, then you can submit your guest post.

After a while you’ll find that it is normal for you to write guest post. Just make your aim to increase the connection with more content creators.

Quora – Answer It

A 2019 question and answer website – Quora. It has approx. 400 million active users per month. We can differentiate Quora with other website easily that it has professional user base. 18+ people spend more time on Quora than LinkedIn.

Quora will provide you a better exposure to reach the audience for your blog or directly to the affiliate product.

It is continuous platform of answering the questions, answer the questions as much as you can. This platform will reward you for both personal branding as well as traffic building.

Write for

Similar as guest post, Medium will provide you a great platform to publish your article or say it blog. Directly you’ll get customers for your affiliate links and a traffic too for your website.

Medium has its own audience so you don’t have to take any stress for audience of you niche.

So, How can you add your blog or say it article to the Medium: –

    • Write a blog under you niche.
    • Wait until the Medium editor check and approve it.
    • When blog will approved it will show to audience under your niche.

Affiliate link content can also be published on Medium.

Even with Medium you can republish you website’s blog by means of Medium account.

Social Media

Social Media is the only way of attracting the young generation rapidly. TikTok will play an important role in promoting your affiliate product or service whereas it is so much difficult with Instagram’s algorithm.

My personal advice is to use TikTok! TikTok! TikTok!

Build an Email list - Potential Customers

Creating a list of potential customers will help you to get free click on affiliate link. You can use this customer time-to-time for product offers.

One of the best ways to get clients is email marketing. Just remain consistent to it.

Niche Groups

Recently, I wrote an article about digital marketing and there are many groups on facebook related to digital marketing and here I made a post regarding this digital marketing article. First I put some context and then I attached my blog’s URL which help me a lot to get new audience.

Try this! Literally, it will help you a lot in affiliate career.

Landing page for your Affiliate Link

Simplest method to get traffic and to build email list is Landing Page.

You can host it on any platform WordPress, Joomla and others. When you want to generate revenue from affiliate, landing page is a good option.

This will help you in future campaigns.

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