The Question is How to make money from your Blog. You may ask, what is a blog? how much can we earn doing Blogging? What are the ways to make money using your blog? If this question has crossed your mind, you have come to the perfect place. So, we will briefly address the above questions in this blog.

Blogging used to be a hobby that some persons would pursue in Addition to make a passive source of income over their main job. However, over the decade, blogging has developed into a profitable online business, and because of the freedom and earning possibilities, many people now work at it full-time.

Let’s start this subject from the beginning. Our Team at BetterInfos does a thorough research into this subject and choose significant ways to monetize your blog that we also perform.

What is Blogging?

what is blogging

The process of Blogging includes creating informative articles, Images, and other types of content such as short video or an Ebook and posting it on a website. Its features include simple language, a friendly environment, regular updates and suggestions to improve user friendliness and improve audience engagement.

There is a Blogging principle that you need to remember. It is Communication and relationships with your audience. In general, blog posts aim to help users to build trust and increase brand promotion or sales. Your income may come from Google AdSense, Affiliate links, Sponsored contents or courses etc. If your site is Trustworthy.

Steps to Create a Blog that makes Money

8 Out of 10 bloggers leave their blogging journey as soon as they start because they are unable to make money. This may be due to lack of knowledge. If you also don’t know how to make money from your blog then you will also fall under that category. Given below are the few key points that will make money from your blog.

      • Choose a low competition and high profitable niche

      • Choose a domain name and host your website

      • Make a blog that offers great user experiences.

      • Post informative articles that try to address customer queries

      • Your website and content should be search engine optimized

      • Increase your social media presence

      • Increasing organic traffic using various marketing techniques

    7 Ways to Monetize your Blog

    There are numerous ways to make money from your blog. You can choose the method that best suits the type of your blog. We will now briefly cover the Different Ways to monetize your blog.

    how to make money from your blog

        1. Google AdSense
        2. Sponsored posts
        3. Affiliate marketing
        4. Providing your services
        5. Selling Courses
        6. Direct advertising
        7. Paid campaign for Brands

      Lets learn them in detail one by one…

      Google AdSense

      With the help of Google AdSense, website owners can monetize their sites by running advertisements. It allows website owners to place ads on their websites in exchange for a commission on the ad clicks. Your payment is determined on how many people click on your adverts.
      Website owners can either create their own ads or use the pre-existing ads of other website owners.
      To be approved on these advertising networks, you must have a blog. They automatically display advertisement based on the context of your blog posts. AdSense is These methods is used to monetize the majority of new blogs since they generate ongoing income. These advertising doesn’t compromise with the user experience because they are generally relevant.

      Google AdSense is the highly preferred by Bloggers because the Advertising revenue of Google AdSense is sharply increasing over the years as given below

      Sponsored Posts/Review

      A paid product review or sponsored blog post are both opportunities. This will enable you to make money quickly. This income is heavily dependent on the authority of your blog and the volume of organic traffic. Businesses and marketers sponsor blog postings in order to build backlinks to their own websites. This is done to improve the site’s authority and raise search engine rankings.
      For each sponsored post posted on the website, you can make $10 to $100.
      A great approach to increase your monthly income is through paid reviews of products. you can write reviews of software products relevant to blog niche.

      Affiliate Marketing

      One of the most profitable ways to monetize your blog is through Affiliate marketing. Greater money could be made from a single sale than from a single ad click. Bloggers nowadays uses affiliate marketing as a main source of income.

      These are the fundamentals that you should keep in mind before starting affiliate marketing

          1. Build a strong relationship with your affiliates. This means being willing to help them out and providing support when needed.
          2. Be sure to track your results. This will help you determine what makes your campaigns successful and what needs to be changed.
          3. Create content that is interesting and useful to your audience. This will help you attract more visitors to your affiliate sites and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

        Consider the Semrush review by Themeisle below.

        It comes under the category of affiliate blog posts that promote services. The affiliate will earn a commission if the buyer use the provided link to buy the service.

        Providing your Services

        Depending on your expertise and preferences, you can provide many Digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing.

        At Betterinfos, We also provide services for email marketing, content writing, and SEO. Not only does providing services enable you to earn money, but it also develops your skills. Although starting your own business is very simple, finding customers is quite challenging.

        To make it simpler for your audience to contact you and learn more about your services, you must promote to your target audience via social media or online advertisements. You will have plenty of ideas on how to improve the sales process for your services as you work with initial clients. In fact, a lot of the processes will be easy to automate.

        Selling Courses

        An Excellent way to reach a big audience and share knowledge to them is by launching an online course. It is the most profitable method of making money online. By producing high quality content that is beneficial to your target audience, you can generate passive income.

        As once said, “Teaching people how to get rich is the fastest way to get rich”. You may create and manage your course using a variety of platforms and tools. Here are some Guidelines to get you started:

            1. Choose a platform where you will upload and sell your course such as Udemy, Coursera etc
            2. Design the course content. You can either teach a specific topic or can offer a variety of courses that are related to each other.
            3. Choose the type of content you’ll be providing; it may be audio or video, or it could be interactive exercises and tests.

          Direct Advertising

          Direct advertising is a strategy used to connect advertisers directly with bloggers , bypassing the requirement for an intermediary organization like Google AdSense. Despite being the top advertising program, Google AdSense pays the bloggers a very commission. While we can increase our revenues per click if we remove this intermediate body. This can be achieved with the direct advertising.

          If your blog has a lot of authority, you can include a “Advertise with us” page. If you’re just a beginner then get in touch with the advertiser via email or through unofficial contacts.

          Paid Campaign for Brands

          If your Blog has a large audience and a lot of organic traffic is coming at your blog, you can run campaigns for other brands. You can create sponsored blog posts or reviews about their services or goods, as well as run paid advertisements for them.

          You must understand the goals of the brands and what they expect to gain with this campaign in order to conduct an effective campaign for them. Who are they trying to reach?

          Don’t forget to analyse the success of your campaign as well. You can use this to test the efficiency of the campaign’s marketing strategies.


          One of the most rewarding passive sources of income, blogging brings a lot of money. While it offers a great freedom in work, most people are unaware of how to truly monetize their blogs. They only have knowledge of Google AdSense. The time when Adsense was the only option to make money from a blog has gone.

          Few of the several techniques to generate consistent money from a blog are mentioned above. The strategies discussed above are widely used to monetize blogs. however they all rely on the same thing, which is the authority of your website and the size of your audience. Create a genuine and reliable blog first such as themeisle and wpbeginner.Because blogging focuses on long-term income rather than a quick way to get Rich.


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