Customer satisfaction is equal to engaging content. A engaging content is one with satisfy the reader queries completely.

It consists of Proper Heading and Structure, Videos, Images and FAQ’s.

So, How To Write Engaging Content that satisfy the readers and solve their queries.

Well, this Highly depends on your audience type and the niche you are targeting. However, writing an SEO friendly content can increase your blog’s traffic, clicks and audience.

The proven ways by which you can engage your audience easily are mentioned in this page: –

  • Tips to How to write engaging content?
  • Use these tools to create SEO friendly content
  • Elements to write content that attract audience & clicks
  • Power Words that give your content LIFE.
  • Audience role

8 Tips to Write Engaging Content

1) Sometimes Different content is GOOD.

It’s good that you’re working under your niche however there are many things you can put as a sub-niche in your website.

Nobody can read the same content every day.

You can promote some product or give some humorous information or notion in your niche.

2) Hook the readers with eye-catchy Headlines.


55% of people or say Audience spends maximum 15 seconds on your article.

The Audience only skim your article not read it fully.

If you have art, how can you engage your audience with an eye-catchy headline that your problem of hooking the readers will automatically be solved.

3) Visuals! Visuals! Visuals!

Make your content photos and videos yourself.

Original photos is a mandatory thing to survive in digital world.

You can use CANVA as a tool to create your photos & videos.

Adding videos to your website, blog, newsletter & social media platforms make it easy for audience to understand the content.

4) Forcing the Audience to be Einstein

If your content can relate the audience situation & they can imagine it.

We are sure that they will love it and again come to see your article as well as they discuss in the comment section which hook the audience.

And yes, chances of conversion will ultimately increase.

5) Telling Story is the Outstanding Way of Engaging the Audience.

Why we love Books, Binge watch TV shows and celebrity news because we all want to know, what will happen next?

Telling story in digital or in real world will definitely lead to conversion and engagement.

Tell stories which can stimulate an emotional side of your audience.

6) Not Approximation, Accurate is the key to get engagement.

Trust builds when you provide the ACCURATE information. Add research and statistics in your article. After adding it doesn’t mean you can’t upload it after years, if the data is updated than definitely you have to update on your website.

7) Be Original

That’s true your article cannot be 100% unique.

Someone in this world will definitely trying the same thing that you’re doing, But you can try to add your own experience and you can hire no experience content write in cheap rates and you can use there written article in a spinning way.

It will take time but surely it will engage your customer.

8) End your Page with a Dynamite

The ending of the page cannot be kept sober. Make sure to include an appropriate conclusion or summary at the end of the blog post. A strong summary and your opinions on the topic will definitely convince the reader to read the entire blog article because, in the majority of cases, readers skip to the end of the content to see what you have covered.

Tools to Help You Create Engaging Content

There are several tools available in the market that can help you in creating original and engaging content for your blog. There are numerous tools that use AI to detect plagiarism in writing and provide editing options. The list below includes some of the top tools.

Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator is a fun and simple tool for generating headlines and engaging content ideas. Simply enter a phrase or keyword to receive an infinite number of ideas. The automated system provides catchy and humorous headlines and is simple to use. 


You should never post copied or stolen work online. If your content is not 100% original, you risk damaging your reputation and losing viewers. Before publishing, use Copyscape to ensure that your work is properly referenced and always unique.


Grammarly is most likely the best spelling and grammar checker available. Apart from detecting errors that other grammar-checking apps miss, it will also help you optimise and improve the readability of your text. Make it a habit to run your text through Grammarly; it will improve your writing.

Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator allows users to enter up to three phrases or nouns and receive an endless number of blog topic and title ideas to help you get started writing engaging content. You can use what they provide or incorporate some of their suggestions into your own.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent resource for learning about what is trending in your niche and what influencers are talking about. Use their search tool on a daily basis to stay on top of social media movements.


This app and editor, like Hemingway, focuses on short sentences and profound thoughts. The app highlights correction suggestions in areas such as adverb overuse, difficult-to-read sentences, and run-on or repetitive language.

Elements to Attract Audience & Clicks

A blog post includes a variety of elements, including headings, images, videos, and tables. Including the elements improves SEO and adds numerous feature snippets.

So, how can you add elements in a creative way that doesn’t look forced? You can follow the guidance provided below.

  • Write headlines that Attract readers. They should contain numbers and strong words like “10 Working Tips to Improve Communication Skill.”
  • If you want to make points that the majority of the readers can relate to, think about writing an article in the style of a story or using examples like “there are two firms A and B.”
  • Use your Mind to Write Unique content, captions and Alt tags.
  • Again, we’re saying Visuals! Visuals! Visuals! Do include Images and Videos generated by you.
  • Write in depth content to shock your audience and solve their audience.




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