The Importance of Domain names cannot be underestimated before you begin your blogging career. What is a Domain name? How do Domains Works? There types?

You might have heard that a Domain name is necessary before building a website. Don’t worry, I used to think that terminology like Domain and Hosting were pretty technical. But after doing some research, I found that they are easier than you would imagine.

We’ll talk about domains and how they work in this blog in detail. This will help in selecting a catchy domain for your blog and in building a strong foundation for your career.

What is a Domain Name?

The Domain name is the unique address that visitors use to find your website. peoples type this domain in the browser’s URL bar. A domain name is a web address that is easy to remember.

Let’s say you have a large list of persons in your database who have provided their home addresses. Everybody has a different home address. Now that a product is being promoted, you want to specifically target members of a specific society. You must click on that society’s name rather than checking each person’s name to see if they belong to that society or not.

In the above case, the society’s name is Domain, and its addresses of peoples is IP address. Let’s learn about them.

The Internet is a vast network of computers interconnected by a huge network of cables. They can communicate with one another.

Each computer has an IP address that serves as a means of identification. Every computer on the internet is given a set of numbers, similar to a phone number like, which is a standard IP address.

Now, It’s not easy to remember an IP address like this. In order to make IP addresses more visible and easy to remember, domain names were developed.

How Do Domains Works in Step by Step?

You must be familiar with DNS, or the domain name system, before understanding how do domains works. In order to send your request to the website you’re trying to access, the DNS manages a large database of domain names and converts them into IP address.

A DNS is necessary because peoples access websites based on IP addresses. So it’s very important to have a domain name system so you don’t have to keep track of the IP addresses of all your favourite sites. The browser will use the DNS to find the exact IP address of the website you want to access.

how do domains works


Image showing the Interaction of user with Websites using DNS server

Following are the steps that forms the entire process:


      • When you input a domain name, your web browser sends a request to the Domain Name System (DNS), it is a global network of servers.


        • After that, these servers look up the domain’s name servers and send the request to that server. For example, if your website is hosted on Hostinger, then its name server information will be like this:





            • Your hosting provider has control of the computers or name servers. Your request will be sent to the computer hosting your website by your hosting company.


              • A web server is the name given to this system. It has installed special software like Apache. The web server fetches the webpage and other relevant data with the website.

            Thereafter, It passes this information to the browser and the website and its content is displayed on the screen.

            Structure of Domain Name

            Now that we are aware of what is a domain name and how it works. We should be well aware of the structure of Domain name and their significance. A domain name has three components that together give it meaning.



                  • Top-level domain: The URL ends with this as a suffix. A few examples are .com, .org etc.


                    • Subdomain: This is a prefix that further classifies a domain.

                  Types of Domain Names

                  It is necessary to consider Different types of Domain Names before you register the domain name. This Domain names will help you reach your target audience accordingly. It’s not necessary to only use .com extension. Sometimes using .us, .in, .net may also help.

                  There are various different types of Domain names available in the Market. Most important are given below.

                  1) Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

                  Top-Level Domains are the domain name extensions that comes after your Domain name.

                  For example in, the .com extension is a TLD.

                  There are many other TLDs except .com such as etc.

                   Top Level Domains

                  2) Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD)

                  This type of TLDs differs from one country to another. Domains related to countries and geographic locations are included in this list of Domains

                  For Example in , the .in extension is a ccTLD.

                  Also .in and .us, represents India and USA respectively.

                  Country Code Top Level Domains

                  3) Subdomains

                  A Subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. It appears before the main Domain name. It is also referred as third-level domain (3LD).

                  It has a following structure such as

                  Here, Blog is the subdomain, yoursite is the main Domain name of our site and .com is the domain extension.

                  An example of subdomain is It is made up of a subdomain “test”, a main domain “betterinfos”, and a TLD or a domain extension “.com”. 

                  create a subdomain


                  Hostinger Interface for creating a Subdomain, here I am creating a subdomain


                  I hope you learn how do domains works. This will help you in selecting the ideal domain name for both your blog and your company. Whether it will be a top level domain or a country code top level domain, it is crucial to know what kind of Domain name is appropriate for your domain.

                  Having basic understanding of different types of Domain names will help you explore the different domain extensions available for you in case is unavailable. You should take a lot of things into consideration before selecting any of the available domain names.


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