You might have noticed that some websites’ urls begin with Http while others begin with Https. You may have also observed that websites beginning with http do not carry a secure tag while websites beginning with https do.

You might be saying, “So What?” but it matters since it has a significant effect on the website’s users. If you are selling something and your website is marked as being insecure, people won’t buy anything from you and won’t pay you any money.

Until an SSl certificate is installed, every website uses the http protocol by default. “Wait, what?” What exactly is SSL? How can I buy it? How can I get a free SSL Certificate?

In this article, we will address the questions raised above and explain how the SSL Zen plugin offers a free SSL certificate. So let’s get going.

SSL refers to secure sockets layer. It helps websites in shifting to a more secure format called HTTPS. SSL  creates an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser.

SSL are often called TLS (Transporty layer security) is a technology for encrypting internet traffic so that third parties or hackers cannot read and access it. To put it simply, it makes sure that the information being transferred between the web browser and web server stays private.

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Typically, Hackers aim to monitor data being sent between a web browser and a web server in order to steal it. Account numbers and net banking passwords are examples of this data. If it is transferred over https, it is converted to “%4p*71%” in encrypted form. So the data is useless even if hackers gain access to it.

If you want to know more about how to make the website safe then read our article “Are all Government sites safe” to get better understanding of HTTPS and Its Advantages.

SSL Zen Plugin

SSL zen is the best ssl plugin for wordpress. It is highly trusted and reviewed by users. It helps you to secure your website and protect your customer’s data using HTTPS protocol and showing your visitors you’re trustworthy and authentic.

SSL Zen Plugin helps you download SSL Certificate from Let’s encrypt which is non-profitable certificate authority by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

There are many features of SSL zen plugin as given below.

  • By simply verifying your domain ownership, It generates a free SSL certificate.
  • The free SSL certificate must be renewed every 90 days.
  • Before 30 days until the expiration date of the certification, it send an email reminder.
  • Increased SEO ranking by offering a secure browser lock using a Let’s EncryptTM free SSL certificate.
  • Customers will trust you because Let’s EncryptTM has verified the SSL certificate.

Setup SSL Zen Plugin Step by Step

Setting up SSL Zen plugin is a piece of cake. You just to have to follow the 5 Basic Steps to Install SSL certificate.

Step 1: Download SSL Zen Plugin on your Website.

Seach SSL Zen on the Add new section of your WordPress plugin Dashboard.

Step 2: Enter the Email Address and Domain Address.

In the Next step you have to Enter the Domain Address and Email Address as given below.

After Entering the Details. You have to verify your Domain name. If you Don’t know how to verify domain ownership then click here.

Step 3: Download the Necessary Files

In this step you have to download the necessary files as given in right side and paste them in Manage SSL sites section under SSL/TLS.

Step 4: Activate the SSL Certificate.

In the Next Step Activate the SSL Certificate to activate HTTPS Protocol.

Step 5: SSL Successfully Installed

You Will see the Following Interface after successfully Installing the SSL certificate. Login once again in your wordpress dashboard to see the changes.

SSL Zen Review - Why to Choose It?

SSL Zen is so far the Best SSL plugin for wordpress. SSL Zen provides SSL certificate for free. However It has both free and paid Plans Available.

There are multiple ways to get SSL certificate for free. however I found SSL Zen the most suitable and used in many Sites of my clients where the Funding available was low. However the Only Problem with SSL Zen is that we have to renew it after every 90 Days Manually.

Updating an SSL Manually is time-consuming and not as simple as it seems. In addition to these, there are 20,000+ Active Installations worldwide and more than 95% positive reviews in the WordPress plugin section.


SSL Zen Plugin can be used If you are beginners and unable to invest much in SSL Certificate. SSL certificate are quite expensive to purchase if you are generating zero to little revenue from your business.

The Different SSL Plans of Godaddy in United States.

However If you are generating good revenue from your online business then I highly suggest you to go through these services. It will save you a lot of time as well their customer services are Top-Notch.

If you Have any Queries in Mind feel free to ask in the comment section so that we can add them in FAQ’s section in this Blog.

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