Many companies analyze their Digital strategies using the Domain Authority (DA) score. Although Domain authority is one of the most commonly used SEO metrics to determine a domain name’s ability to rank, you should be aware that Google does not consider it as a ranking factor.

But What is The DA (Domain authority)? Does it really matter in SEO? How can we increase our Domain authority?  

We will address the questions mentioned above in this post. Continue reading to learn everything about Domain Authority.

What is the DA-Domain Authority?

the da domain authority

Domain Authority is a search engine metric created by MOZ that predicts your site’s ability to rank in the Search engine result pages (SERPs). These metrics have a scale of 1-100. With new sites having a DA of 1, and depending on how many backlinks you have, It might reach 100.

The authority of a domain increase, as the number of backlinks increases. It simply focuses on the number of linked domains and Ignores the quality of the backlinks.

Companies use the DA to research search engine results so they can develop SEO strategies to rank higher. If a website has Backlink on websites like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Newspaper website or on Government Websites then surely the website will have a high level of domain authority.

Backlinks from your background Industry will help you a lot to grow your domain authority. Consider you provide Web Services and has a website, then backlinks from Big Companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure will boost your DA in Instant.

What is the DA Score?

The DA score tells us the authority of our website on the scale of 1 to 100. The Higher the DA score, the more is the ranking ability of the domain. The Number of links and power of links are the factors used to measure the strength DA of a website.

There are 3 Ranges of Domain Ranking

Domain Authority Score
  • Between 40 and 50 – Average
  • Between 50 and 60 – Good
  • Over 60 – Top-Notch

When the Website is created it has DA score of One later it increases when number of Inbound links from other websites Increases.

Google does not use it as a ranking factor. since the number of backlinks Increases, The Domain authority also Increases. It makes no difference if they are comment backlinks or authorized backlinks.

Comment Backlinks means leaving comments on other websites that connect back to your domain name. While comment backlinks can increase the DA score, Google does not value it.

Domain Authority score depends on many factors like

  • Linked domains
  • Total number of Links attached to the particular page and Many more.

The Difference Between the Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority both are the ranking factors by the MOZ. Both the metrices consider Link profile as a factors. There are only few differences as given below.

The DA predict how the website rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).The PA predict how an individual webpage will rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
The DA Consider on-page SEO.The PA doesn’t consider on-page SEO.
DA shows the Ranking Ability of a Domain.PA shows the Ranking Ability of a Webpage.

Check the Domain Authority of Your Website

Many Domain Authority checkers are available in the market. Most of the domain authority checkers are free and simple to use. Below are a few of the examples.

5 Steps to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

There are many ways to Increase the DA of your websites. However, I am sharing some proven ways to Increase the Domain authority.

Create Quality Content

You Don’t have to write 1500-2000 words to your content to rank it higher. If your content has quality, it can easily rank. There are many cases where a 600-700 Words Articles has Outranked 2500 + Words Article.

Update your Content Regularly

It Will Help you out to manage the pages that lost their identity, you can add new images, tables, FAQs etc. to update the individual webpages.

For example – If your content has a difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority then you can make a table for That.

Content Sharing on Social Media sites

Yes, it will help you out to increase the DA without being cheesy. Newsletter, social media posts can help a lot to get new traffic to your website and eventually the DA will increase.

For example – Your website is providing information for digital marketers than you can promote it on Facebook to targeted audience that your website is providing information for Digital Marketers.

Identify the Competitors

We can identify our mistakes if we examine the websites of our competitors. Check to see if they have backlinks and on which website.

For example – You’re researching for the content that you uploaded but your article is not ranking for the target keyword than you must check the articles that are ranking on the top 10 list and analyse it.


If There is no need for a Backlink to another website, Don’t do it. Try using backlink from high authority sites. To obtain referrals from them, make an effort to contact them through emails and many more.

For example – Many Websites in this time are phishy, so you have to check the Websites That you’re promoting through your Content.


People have Different opinions Regarding Domain authority; Many marketers think it is Pointless, while the majority think It is a crucial Ranking Feature.

People usually increase the number of backlinks in order to boost domain authority. Since building backlinks with high authority is challenging, they build backlinks in the comment section. It boosts DA but has no impact on rankings.

To be honest, Investing money in boosting domain authority is a waste of both time and money, because  it doesn’t help you in boosting the rankings. Try to create high-quality backlinks, which will cause the DA to rise naturally and have an effect on your ranking.

Consider reading our Blog to gain More in-Depth knowledge as we have written on a variety of related topics, Including page authority.


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