Whenever I Inquire about how business owners would like to create leads. They usually discuss over utilizing traditional marketing strategies like using television and modern marketing strategies like using social media and SEO.

Outbound marketing is the term used to describe the type of traditional marketing, whereas Inbound marketing is the term used to describe modern marketing tactics.

What is Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing? What is the Difference? Their advantages? Which should I choose?

By the end of this blog, you will understand above-mentioned topics completely.

You can limit your approach using these two basic marketing techniques. Each one has special properties, Advantages, and challenges. Let’s consider each in detail.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing

Inbound marketing uses a wide range of contents to attract and engage target audiences. These include emails, infographics, social media, blogs, and more.

By Introducing them to relevant content, Inbound marketing aims to inform potential customers.

They improve customer interaction and convert them to customers through the sales funnel, when they are ready and show interest.

Users start by looking for goods and services that will satisfy their needs and solve their problems. 

Therefore, your content should describe how your goods or services would solve their problems. thus, target audiences end up buying your services.

Methods used in Inbound Marketing :

Methods of Inbound marketing

Example of Inbound Marketing:

Consider someone who has a great interest in the stock market. 

He is searching for a stock market course that will teach him how to invest in stocks. 

He could start by typing “full stock market course” into a search engine to see what shows up.

A blog explaining how to master the stock market from basic to advanced be the first result. 

He might decide to buy the course after reading its contents.

The link to some of the free content is located at the end of the blog. To access the content, they click the link and then fill in their name and email address.

They might wonder if anybody has used the discussed method successfully after seeing the tutorial. 

On time, the seller will send them a follow-up email with case studies showing how one of their students successfully implemented this strategy to make a huge profit.

Consequently, they wish to purchase the course. They enter the sales page that they are already familiar with, making it easier for you to close the sale.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing:

      • Helps in accessing International markets, expanding the overall reach of products and services

      • We can track and analyze audience actions. Hence, we can modify our campaign accordingly.

      • It is cost effective means it is cheaper as compared to outbound marketing.

    What is Outbound Marketing?

    inbound marketing and Outbound marketing

    Outbound are those marketing techniques which forcefully give information to consumers, even when they don’t request it. 

    It is also known as the “push marketing” for this reason.

    For generating sales, outbound marketing distributes messages to a large number of people. This strategy is based on the idea that the more people you message, the larger response you’ll get. 

    Targeting just the people who need the goods or service is almost impossible.

    Outbound marketing is still important today. Instead, businesses are using smarter, more interactive methods to reach customers with their messages.

    Methods used in Outbound Marketing

        • Newspapers

        • Cold calling

        • Billboards

        • TV

        • PPC Advertising

      Example of Outbound Marketing

      A person passes a billboard saying the debut of a new car. The car has a seven-seat capacity, good build quality, and many other features. 

      He may think that ,he should buy an automobile, but he will keep that in mind.

      A week later, he sees a commercial for the same vehicle that’s already on the showroom. He considers purchasing that car once more but forgets.

      One of its relatives crashed his car after a month. As it happens, they make the decision to purchase the same car that was on the billboard. 

      They did not actually wish to buy one right away. However, commercials kept interrupting their daily lives, leading them to buy the vehicle they had not first considered.

      Benefits of Outbound Marketing

          • Perfect for local and specific audiences i.e. advertisement of restaurant in your area

          • Suitable for target audiences that are not on internet.

          • It is committed to increase brand awareness.

        Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing

        Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing are both the marketing techniques. But Both have a range of differences as discussed below.

        Inbound MarketingOutbound Marketing
        Focuses on attracting customers via company created internet content.Reaches out to people to see if they are interested in a product.
        Provide value to the customers.Provide little or no value to the customers.
        Its aim is to earn the interest of the audience.Aim is to forcefully push the product on the audience.
        There is two way communication.There is one way communication.
        There are tools for tracking and analyzing.There are no tools for tracking and analyzing.
        Examples are websites, blogs, social media etc.Examples are billboards , TV ads, newspaper article etc.

        Which Marketing Strategy Is More Productive, Outbound or Inbound?

        choose between inbound and outbound marketing

            • So as result of reading the information on inbound and outbound marketing stated above. You might have decided that inbound marketing is more effective and appropriate. But this is not true; there are several factors to consider while choosing a market strategy.

              • Considering that outbound marketing typically uses offline methods. It is appropriate for those who are not screen-friendly and do not use social media. For well-known brands like automotive, retail businesses, and many others, it is still effective.

                • Since most individuals do not spend a lot of money online. To draw customers, companies need to have a strong brand awareness.

                  • Also, elder consumers seem to be at comfort with newspaper, TV, and other advertising. Therefore, if older people are your target market, you must use outbound marketing strategies.

                    • If you are small firm owner who are at development stage and are new in market then you must consider that traditional marketing is expensive and it is very difficult to track its progress

                      • Assume, that you are a service provider and that your business offers SEO services to other marketers. then you must use social media to reach them. because promotions of services in newspapers and on billboards are typically not trusted.

                    These points can help you in determining the best marketing plan for your company because both are effective in their own way.


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