There are many factors you will take into consideration if you want to improve the ranking of a webpage in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), including the number of search results for the query, Domain authority (DA), and Page authority (PA).

PA calculates the value of backlink profile of the webpage. In general, it shows the website’s ability to rank.

We already talked about Domain Authority. Now read on to learn more about What is Page Authority,  Its Importance and how to check the Page Authority of your own website. We will also discuss how domain and page authority differs from each other.

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What is Page Authority?

The PA – Page Authority is generally used to determine how high a particular page of your website will rank on the SERPs (Search engine result pages). In Short it shows the Ranking ability of a webpage.

Yes, we can say that it is a Tiny portion of Domain Authority that defines how a particular website will rank on search engine results pages. PA considers unique domains linking to a page, do follow and no-follow links.

Page Authority measures is a SEO metric which measures from 1 to 100. The higher the PA the higher is your chance of ranking high on the first page. However It is not considered as ranking factor by Google search engine.

Both the Domain and Page authority were created by the MOZ corporation. MOZ is very reputed marketing company which provides SEO tools for Keyword Research and Site Audit.

What is Domain Authority?

The Domain authority DA is another SEO metric introduced by MOZ which shows the ranking ability of your site or domain name. Similar to page authority Google doesn’t consider it as a ranking factor.

Similar to that of Page Authority, the range of Domain authority is also 1-100. While Domain Authority less than 20 is low and above 80 is Top-notch. According to MOZ you will have higher chances of ranking If you have high domain authority.

Page Authority Score

A Simple scale from 1 to 100 is used to calculate the page authority score or pagescore. The main objective of this page authority score scale is comparison. However, a page’s page authority changes over time.

I’ll give you an example from my blog; Before adding videos and FAQs, my webpage had a page authority score of 35; however, after adding FAQs and referring High authority sites, The score jumped to 78 in few weeks, which is a very respectable number.

Every webpage has a different level of authority. For example, the homepage has a higher page authority than the about us page.

This is due to the fact that the homepage has links to numerous other pages. In comparison, About us page lacks. This has an impact on the page’s page authority because page authority takes link profile into consideration.

How to Find Page Authority of a webpage?

You can use many websites to check your page authority score but the domain and page authority both are developed by MOZ, So why not use MOZ page authority checker or using MOZ bar Extension.

You can use the tool by Moz listed below to find the Page Authority of a webpage.

  1. MOZ Domain Analysis

Checking Page Authority of Adamenfroy Blog page.

There are many other tools in the market that are

  1. Small SEO Tool
  2. Website SEO Tool
  3. TheHoth

You can also use Moz Bar Extension to Find the Domain and Page Authority of the Website.

What Is a Good Page Authority Score?

The page authority is only a comparative score which help us to know which page is more powerful over the SERPs or which page has good ranking ability to rank.

There is no “Good” or “Bad” Page Authority score.

However, a Score of 70–90 indicates that the website is doing well in the SERPs. While, If your page authority is 20–40, it has a very low PA score.

Three Factors Affecting the Page Authority of a Webpage

There are several things beginners can do to raise their website’s page authority. They build spammy links and use backlinks from shady websites on their page. There are various factors that impact page authority, but the three most important ones are listed here.

  • Credible Page (Trusted Page) – Your page won’t appear in the SERPs if it has such low-quality content and a lot of spammy links.

  • Contribution of Links to the Page – The number of links in your content that are not relevant to the information on your website do not increase the page authority score.

  • Most recent page updates – Yes, it has a significant impact on the page authority score. You must regularly (in an Interval) update your page because doing so has a great impact on the SERPs. If your page has recently been updated, crawlers will return to read it, which will have a positive effect.

How to Increase Page Authority of a Webpage?

There are No shortcuts in anything. There are peoples on and other platforms that increase the DA and PA in few bucks. But what’s the sense of increasing DA PA if it doesn’t contribute in ranking your page. Remember be authentic. Write the content for the people not for the crawlers. Also

Focus on Quality of links not on the Quantity of links

Given below are the Five steps that you can follow to boost the Pagescore of your Webpage.

  1. Increase Number of Backlinks
  2. Quality Content creation
  3. Updating Contents
  4. Avoid Black hat seo tactics
  5. Sharing on other platforms


Before starting the race to increase your website’s pagescore. You need to understand that Page authority is not a ranking factor. You may wish to surpass your competitors in PA, but achieving a PA of 100 shouldn’t be your main objective.

To do this, you might create irrelevant internal and external links that have no effect on page ranking or SEO. therefore, what is the purpose of raising page authority.

If your content and SEO strategies are better than your competitors, you should be confident that your will achieve your goal of ranking.

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